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Beingood has been recognized jointly by The United Nations World Food Programme and National Institute of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India as the one of Most Inspiring Solutions.

Beingood has been recognized jointly by The United Nations World Food Programme and National Institute of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India as the one of Most Inspiring Solutions.

Why beingood

It’s a unique platform to connect the people those who are in search of help, especially in emergencies as disasters, calamities, pandemics and those who are dedicatedly serving them like governments, frontline workers, task forces, organizations, volunteers and everyone else who are ready to share, care and help each other at the earliest, without any content abundance. Our App allows to request and provide supports in multiple categories including medical, blood, food, educational, travel assist etc. and those will be plotted on map along with giving instant notifications to the nearby people, so that we can easily access them. There may be one request that only can be done by you.

Compassionate our Society

Compassionate to Our Society

Be a proud member of Team Beingood to foster public well-being and use your quality time to accomplish the real tasks of help requests from around you to get self-motivated and honored forever. Let’s compete for the goodness by compassionately supporting the people who mostly need our help.

  • Reach and assist at the earliest in emergency situations like calamities and pandemics.
  • Empowering the poorest for transforming their lives.
  • Provide health assistance at medical emergencies by donating bloods, giving medical equipments e.t.c.
  • Provide food, water, dress, houses and social care for the needy.
live with beingood

Live with beingood

We are the change makers. Let’s do the little things that we can to change the world. Take task challenges in our good times. No physical barriers matter anymore. Let’s get connected for a cause by using technology.

  • Be a part of a community where helping others is the prime concern.
  • Show your support to the needy lives around you.
  • Join the community which finds people in search of help and provide for their needs.
  • Connect with people who think beyond themselves and provide a helping hand to others.
Being our Volunteer

Together We Can

The pride is being good to those who really need. They were around us, seeking for helps. Even though we were ready to; we didn't know. Now let's take the chance to have the real reward of being good to our fellow beings. While we get satisfied, they get alleviated. An app to reform the future.

  • Be a part of a noble cause with Beingood and enjoy the sweetness of lifting others.
  • Inspire others and yourself by helping the needy around you.
  • Provide a face-to-face guidance and support for the people they need.
  • Use your skills and make important connections with people of same mind.


Let’s share and care each other. Look out the features of Beingood for the better understanding of our vision.

Easy to Use

Beingood is a highly user-friendly application; anyone can post help request or check for available helps nearby easily.

Easy to use
Location Wise Helping

This app provides you location wise details of people looking for help or people providing helps for earliest access and easy navigation.

location wise helping
Honorary Badges

Get self-motivated and honoured forever by taking real tasks and receive points with exclusive honorary badges on your timeline accomplishments.

Community posting
Instant messenger
Instant Messenger

Whenever you find help needed or help provided you can simply chat with the person for faster communication.

Social networking
Community Social Networking

You can create communities to simply connect with them or follow people having same interests and keep a tab of all the things posted by them.

Quick notification
Quick Notification

Instant notifications of new posts will be delivered for all the App users in 50 km radius, so that we don’t miss out on new requirements.


We love to hear what our happy well-wishers have to say about our services.

“Appreciate Shahul and team for coming up with the idea of Beingood App. Hope this App helps people and betters their lives.”

Dr.N Tej Lohit Reddy
Dr.N Tej Lohit Reddy
- District Collector & District Magistrate, Kozhikode

“Amazing idea, very good implementation. There are help available, and there are too many people looking for help. Being a connecting medium for that is a very good idea. I hope this will get more coverage and more and more people will be able to get the help with this App.”

Sunil Warrier
Sunil Warrier
- Systems Manager, United Kingdom (UK)

“This App is one of the most important, useful, and valuable App that I have ever seen. This has a unique idea, and I am sure that Mr. Shahul Hameed is a visionary. He focused on what truly matters humanity. Only a compassionate heart can have such an idea. Be-in-good is a quality of being human. This App will increase the safety and security of millions. People need a lot of help and are always looking for help. Beingood is the confluence people helping others help and people love asking other for help. This is a bridge that exchanges happiness, generosity, and boundless love for innumerable lives.I take the opportunity to congratulate Mr Hameed and those who invested so much time, energy, and pain.”

Antony Puthenpurackal
Antony Puthenpurackal
- Former UN Staff, Austria

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"There is no end to the good things that we can do together. So, let’s join our hands to share and care each other. Together we can…"

Nettie Sparkman


Thank you for being with Beingood

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